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Catamarans give comfort

Choose from our range of Fancy Sailing Catamarans for your next cruising holiday.

Our highly maintained & modern fleet includes Lagoon 400, Lagoon 420 & Nautitech 47 design vessels. These sailing catamarans give you the best of both worlds with sail and power along with plenty of live-aboard space, stability, performance and luxury to explore the Greek Islands. These performance sailing vessels range in size from 40 – 44 feet and are suitable for couples, families and groups up to maximum 12 crew.

The rig’s smaller because of the lower displacement. It’s easier to get around. Put the auto-pilot on tack, and you can casually let off one sheet and take in the other with no help, and the crew/guests continue reading or eating, or whatever without even realizing that you tacked.

The small draft of a catamaran allows you to anchor in shallow bays or very close to the beach, which leads to more privacy and more options to drop anchor.

A catamaran has about the volume of a 10' longer monohull i.e. a 42' catamaran has about the space of a 52' monohull. So, more room on deck and inside with wrap around windows. The right party boat but especially the elderly will benefit of the stable and spacious deck with no steps between inside and outside.

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